Our Story

Our Story

Motorcycles & Mason Jars LLC. is an Atlanta, Georgia based design firm started by Walter Green. Mr. Green is a 9 year military veteran who recently completed his Masters of Fine Arts Degree from Savannah College of Art and Design. Walter's work has been seen on the runways from Atlanta to Hong Kong.

The designer started out as a menswear designer who used contemporary color palettes to develop his imaginative designs. Walter's work previously fit into the street wear genre. People around the designer started to notice how much the he excelled at technical pattern-making and assisted in the development of his aesthetic. The designer credits his advanced patter-making skills to his experience with technical schematics in the military. "I know how to read schematics like the back of my hand," said Walter. "My job in the military was electronic repair and part of my responsibilities were weekly maintenance checks. You must tag out (cut off power) to all related equipment in the system, . If you read a schematic wrong someone could lose their life. People don't understand how closely pattern-making and engineering relate. A pattern is just a schematic broken down differently."

Although the designer links his current career with his last he explains the true reason he selected to transition into the fashion industry. "I started to express myself through fashion way back in elementary school. In my high school days I was extremely eclectic and was voted most unconventional by my peers. Through the military I got stationed near Tokyo. In Tokyo I would go to a place called Kinji Used Clothing and buy high quality clothes for very cheap. I would take the clothes and remake them into a design all my own. A group of friends in the fashion industry made it clear that this was my path too success." Walter is the son of a seamstress and the grandson of a tailor, so designing is clearly in his blood.

Upon his his military release Walter moved to Orlando Florida to begin his Design Studies. He began his studies at the International Academy of Design and Technology. A few months into his studies Walter suffered a setback. "My house was robbed and everything I had purchased previously was gone," said Walter." I went on a visit to see my parents for the Christmas holidays and when I returned to Orlando everything was gone." The designer states he then relocated his family to the Atlanta Metro area. "I needed to rebuild and what better place to do it than home," said the designer. Not wanting to give up on his design career the designer enrolled at at a local institution. He enrolled at American Intercontinental University (AIU) where he graduated with honors in under 2 years. Shortly after graduation from AIU he was accepted into the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Master of Fine Arts program.

During his time at SCAD Walter started to build a mobile fashion showroom out of a 27 foot step van that formerly serve as a Little Debbie delivery truck. "I have a 18 year old son and a 9 year old daughter. I wanted to build a company they could work in the future. Whenever I wasn't sewing we were working on this truck. My son is good at fabrication which helped out tremendously. The plan is to bring our designs to the consumer and potential retailers." Walter is running a Kickstarter to cover the manufacturing costs of the remainder of his stock and to gauge the interest of his target audience.