Fact Sheet

                         Walter Green Jr.

                                                                                    Creative Director

Atlanta, Georgia. 30308







Upside-Down Jacket Joggers Kickstarter Campaign






This project began over two years ago inside a Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD-Atlanta Campus) classroom. The designer Walter Green Jr. was working towards his Master of Fine Arts degree and trying to figure out how to turn his vision into wearable art. Through the study of different design techniques these pants have transformed into the garments you see today.




The designer’s vision is to create modern, colorful, and edgy wearable art with a Southern twist. Walter’s 9 years in the United States Navy (with 5 yrs. being stationed at a military base in Japan near Tokyo) has allowed him to tour the globe and develop an aesthetic all his own. He has successfully combined the streetwear and couture scenes of Japan with the fabrics and silhouettes of workwear from the Southern region.


The purpose of this Kickstarter is to cover the remainder of the Manufacturing costs of Motorcycles & Mason Jars ‘Upside-Down Jacket Joggers. Walter has invested extensively in a mobile fashion showroom that will allow him to bring his vision to his consumer. Your assistance will help bring the remainder of his vision to life.




Motorcycles & Mason Jars primary goal is to make their brand a household name. They plan to do so by creating imaginative wearable art at a moderate price point.



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